Magnum Maid Agency Singapore is registered with the corresponding government department in supplying foreign worker to individual and company.
We have more than 10 years experience in 5 countries, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Indonesia, & Malaysia.
Magnum Maid Agency Singapore is committed to provide our clients with the best possible service tailored and suit their specific needs while aiming to provide quality service at a very reasonable and competitive cost. We ensure quality and competitiveness of our workers. We invest efforts in mobilizing highly qualified workers to suit the requirements and to satisfaction of our client.
Magnum Maid Agency Singapore believes that to obtain the success of the business of this kind aside from the combined effort between the company and its clienteles the company should also have an understanding of its client’s business. Thus, our company places a huge emphasis on taking a full client briefing and thereby get a full understanding of their needs. The objective is to transpose that need into a viable recruitment action plan.

Our Vision

Its aim is to provide high quality manpower workforce to client/ company tailored to clients’ need.

Our Mission

To maintain our commitment as a reliable source of Highly Qualified workers and On Time Delivery of services to its clientele.