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From: Indonesia
Type: Ex-Singapore
Salary: $670
Day off: 01
Religion: MUSLIM
Marital Status: Married
Status: Available
Date of Birth: 14/06/1974
Place of Birth: BLITAR
Height & Weight: 145 CM & 46 Kg
Number of Siblings: 1
Number of Children: 2 (23YO & 20YO

Andriani enthusiasm and positive attitude towards learning. She is committed in giving her best in doing housework such as cleaning windows, washing floor and running errands for her employer. Being a meticulous worker, she avoids careless errors through paying attention to everything said to her in detail.

Required this maid:

    Sending ...

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    Education level : SMP

    2008 2009 HONG KONG CHINESE Take Care 5YO Child, Housekeeping & Cooking.

    2005 2007 SINGAPORE MALAY Take Care 7YO & 8YO Children, Housekeeping & Cooking.

    2015 2019 SINGAPORE INDIAN – MUSLIM Take Care 96YO Elderly (can’t walk), Housekeeping & Cooking.

    JUN 2019 MAY 2020 SINGAPORE CHINESE Take Care 71YO Elderly, Housekeeping & Cooking.

    MAY 2020 FEB 2021 SINGAPORE CHINESE Take Care 90YO Elderly, Housekeeping & Cooking.