Goldie Pili (NT 971)

From: Philippines
Salary: $600
Day off: 04
Religion: Roman Catholic
Marital Status: Single
Status: Available
Date of Birth: 22 Sep 1992
Place of Birth: Compostella Valley
Height & Weight: 146 CM & 41 Kg
Number of Siblings: 7
Number of Children: 0

Goldie Pili manages the housework well. Her household capabilities include cleaning the house thoroughly, vacuuming and washing the dishes. She is able to understand instructions and help to run errands for her employer. In addition, she understands the importance of hygiene and hence she will ensure that the house is very clean.

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Educational level: High school graduate

2019/ March2019/DecemberMiddle EastMrs. Seham MobarakTaking care of ( 9 yr old and 11 yrs old children), simple cooking, marketing,
washing and ironing clothes, cleaning the house.