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HARTATIK (RIM 14)(mata)

From: Indonesian
Type: Ex-Singapore
Salary: $650.00
Day off: 04
Religion: Muslim
Marital Status : Married
Status: Available
Date of Birth: 08/01/1985
Place of Birth: GROBOGAN
Height & Weight: 155CM & 49Kg
Number of Siblings: 2SIS 3BRO
Number of Children: 4(16,12,9&7Y/O)

HARTATIK had worked as a housemaid in Singapore for 2 years 8 months with one employer from Aug’17 to Apr’20. Her job then was doing all the housework, like cleaning, sweeping, mopping, ironing, washing clothes and etc… She can cook Indonesian dishes and willing to learn more dishes.

Required this maid:

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    EducationCertificationsWork ExperienceEmployment RecordVideo

    Education level: SMP

    2017 2020 Singapore GENERAL HOUSEHOLD 3 YEARS

    Worker Details
    WP No. : 0 09149961
    Name of Worker : HARTATIK
    DOB of Worker : 08/01/1985
    Sex : FEMALE
    Worker’s FIN : G8536860K
    Passport No. : AU014830
    Nationality/Citizenship : INDONESIAN

    Employment History
    Results Found : 1
    Period of Employment

    Start Date End Date
    Employer 1 26/08/2017 13/04/2020 General Household