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From: Indonesia
Type: New Maid
Salary: $550
Day off: 04
Religion: MUSLIM
Marital Status: Married
Status: Available
Date of Birth: 25-01-1991
Place of Birth: Cilacap
Height & Weight: 148 CM & 53 Kg
Number of Siblings: 2 ( brother/sister : 1 / 1 )
Number of Children: 2 (7YO, 3YO)

Juliyah enthusiasm and positive attitude towards learning. She is committed in giving her best in doing housework such as cleaning windows, washing floor and running errands for her employer. Being a meticulous worker, she avoids careless errors through paying attention to everything said to her in detail.

Required this maid:

    Sending ...

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    Education level : JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL

    2010 2013 JAKARTA Take Care the elderly healthy ,GENERAL HOUSE KEEPING