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Kalayar Myat (Thet 01)

From: Myanmar
Type: Ex-Singapore
Salary: $754 with 2 off day
Day off: 02
Religion: BUDDISH
Marital Status : Single
Status: Available
Date of Birth: 17/12/1980
Place of Birth:Mogok
Height & Weight: 165CM & 57Kg
Number of Siblings: 4

Kalayar Myat had worked in Singapore for total 11 years 6 months with 3 employer from 2008 to 2020. Her job experience then was includes, taking care grandmother & grandfather. She can do housework, like cleaning, sweeping, mopping, ironing, washing clothes, and etc… She can cook Chinese dishes and willing to learn more dishes.

Required this maid:

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    EducationCertificationsWork ExperienceEmployment RecordVideo

    Education level: High School

    2008 2012 Singapore CHINESE Take care disabled grandmother and grandfather, doing housework & simple cooking. Ah Ma passed away, go back Myanmar.
    2012 2014 Singapore CHINESE Take care grandmother 75 years old who have kidney problem, doing housework, cooking. Accompany Ah Ma go to NKF one 3 times week. Ah Ma passed away
    2014 2019 Singapore CHINESE Take care Grandfather 80+ years old who have heart problem, doing housework & cooking. Ah Gong passed away
    2020 2020 Singapore Cleaning job cannot cope the job scope.

    Worker Details
    WP No. : 0 92224074
    Name of Worker : KALAYAR MYAT
    DOB of Worker : 17/12/1980
    Sex : FEMALE
    Worker’s FIN : G8288653U
    Passport No. : MC464408
    Nationality/Citizenship : MYANMAR

    Employment History
    Results Found : 4

    Period of Employment
    Start Date End Date
    Employer 4 14/01/2020 31/01/2020 Service
    Employer 3 23/01/2014 02/12/2019 General Household
    Employer 2 09/11/2012 23/01/2014 General Household
    Employer 1 17/05/2008 28/09/2012 General Household