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Krismiati Selviana Billi (WIN 001)

From: Indonesia
Type: Ex-Malaysia
Salary: $550
Day off: 04
Religion: Christian
Marital Status: Married
Status: Available
Date of Birth: 07/07/1983
Place of Birth: Sumba
Height & Weight: 148CM & 48Kg
Number of Siblings: 3 of 5

Krismiati Selviana Billi had worked as a housemaid with Chinese’s family in Malaysia for 3 years from 2018 to 2021. Her daily routine then was assist in cooking, doing all general housework,like car washing, sweeping, mopping, ironing, and etc…Her employer house 2 story bungalow house and have 4 cars. She completed her employment contract.
She is Christian.

Required this maid:

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    Education level: Secondary School

    2018 2021 Malaysia Chinese employer In 2 story bungalow house, she help in cooking, general house keeping, car washing ( 4 cars ) gardening.

    end contract