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Lhang Kho Lai (vin04052)

From: Myanmar
Type: Transfer
Salary: $602.40/1off day
Day off: 01
Religion: Christin
Marital Status: Married
Status: Available
Date of Birth:11 July 1992
Place of Birth: Christian
Height & Weight: 160CM & 70 Kg
Number of Siblings: B (1), S (7)
Number of Children: 03 ( 16 Yrs old boy, 12 Yrs old and 7 Yrs old girls)

LHANG KHO LAI got many years experience in singapore , she fully understand the cleanliness of the housework and she know how to take care disable grandfather in shower , change diaper and give medicine

Required this maid:

    Sending ...

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    Education Secondary Level (7~9 yrs)

    2020 2021 Singapore Housework , taking care disable ah kong Change employer name to father name
    2021 2021 Singapore Housework , taking care disable ah kong same as 1st employer

    2021 Singapore Housework , Simple cooking , take care grandmother communication breakdown with
    grandmother (5 month working)