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Liza Buison Mahanlod (NT 1043)

From: Philippines
Salary: $700
Day off: 04
Religion: Catholic
Marital Status: Single Parent
Status: Available
Date of Birth: 22/10/1982
Place of Birth: Ilo Ilo
Height & Weight: 155 CM & 48 Kg
Number of Siblings: 2
Number of Children: 1(9 yrs old)

Liza Buison Mahanlod is pleasant, smart, and independent. Her cheery demeanor has made her get along well with others. Her experience includes doing general housework and taking care of children. She manages the household, is able to do washing and cooking well. She is committed in giving her best in doing the housework. With the given task, she works carefully and conscientiously to ensure that her employer is satisfied with her work.

Required this maid:

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    Educational level: College Graduate

    01/2013 04/2013 Singapore Chinese General Housework/5 adults in a landed property with 2 cars to wash everyday and 4 big dogs to look after.with swimming
    pool to clean Cant cope up with work

    04/2013 07/2014 Singapore Chinese 5 adults with 1 child & 6 months old whom she look after General Housework Has to transfer

    04/2014 08/2016 Singapore Chinese General Housework 2 old folks with Dementia marketing and cooking Finished contract

    02/2017 03/2017 Singapore Chinese General Housework She worked as temporary

    03/2017 10/2017 Singapore Chinese General Housework and taking care children

    10/2017 12/2017 Singapore Chinese General Housekeeping