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From: Myanmar
Type: New Maid
Salary: $700.00
Day off: 01
Religion: Christian
Marital Status : Single
Status: Available
Date of Birth: 10 MAY 1988
Place of Birth: YANGON MYO
Height & Weight: 149 CM & 42 Kg
Number of Siblings: 2(1)
Number of Children: 0

She had experience 4 years and 9 months at Singapore. She can cook Myanmar food and Chinese food simply. She is active, obedient and humbleness. She is hard working. She can speak English simply. She can take care of children, elderly person. She can eat all.

Required this maid:

    Sending ...

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    Education level: HIGH SCHOOL

    2012 2015 Singapore 1. Chinese The first employer, she worked one month. She had taken care one boy.
    2. Chinese The Second employer, she worked 8 months, take care 2 children
    3. Chinese The third employer, she worked one year and taken care of 2 children
    4. Chinese The forth employer, she woked 6 months, taken care of grandfather and 2 children.

    2015 2016 Singapore Chinese She worked 7 months, taken care of one boy.

    2016 2018 Singapore Chinese She worked 2 years, taken care of grandmother.