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SUDARTIK (MWT 005)(mata)

From: Indonesian
Type: Ex-Singapore
Salary: $650.00
Day off: 04
Religion: Muslim
Marital Status : Divorced
Status: Available
Date of Birth: 17/08/1982
Place of Birth: BAYUWANGI
Height & Weight: 150CM & 56Kg
Number of Siblings: 3
Number of Children: 2(8&5.5Y/O)

SUDARTIK had worked as a housemaid in Singapore from 2018 to 2020. Her job then was take care of elderly, doing housework & cooking. She can do housework, like cleaning, sweeping,mopping, ironing, washing clothes and etc…She can cook Indonesian dishes and willing to learn more dishes.

Required this maid:

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    Education level: JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL

    2018 2020 Singapore CARE OF ELDERLY