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Tin Thandar Kyaw (POE 04)

From: Myanmar
Type: Ex- Singapore
Salary: $550.00
Day off: 02
Religion: Buddhist
Marital Status : Married
Status: Available
Date of Birth: 21 Oct 1981
Place of Birth: Taunggoo
Height & Weight: 152 CM & 50 Kg
Number of Siblings: only 1
Number of Children: 2children (12 years old daughter and 19 years old son)

Tin Thandar Kyaw has experience working in Singapore for one year more than, she speak a little mandarin and fluent English. She is willing to look after elderly and children. She can do general house hold chores like; vacuum and mopping wash and ironing clothes. She can cook Chinese dishes like; soup, grilled chicken, fried rice, vegetable, fried chicken etc. Also, she can follow any recipe tool. Tin Thandar Kyaw is ready for interview and can join employer immediately.

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    Education level: High School Level

    2018 2020 Singapore Chinese Family of 4 member’s Ahkong, ahma, sir and 24 years son. She take care ahkong and house cleaning. Ahkong has pass away so she go
    back Myanmar.