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Zar Phyu Win (POE 5)

From: Myanmar
Type: Ex- Singapore
Salary: $550.00
Day off: 02
Religion: Buddhist
Marital Status : Single
Status: Available
Date of Birth: 14 Aug 1984
Place of Birth: Ngaputaw
Height & Weight: 145 CM & 50 Kg
Number of Siblings: 1
Number of Children: 0

Zar Phyu Win has experience working in Singapore for One year more than she speak a little mandarin and fluent English. She is willing to look after elderly and kid. She can do general house hold chores like; vacuum and mopping wash and ironing clothes. She can cook Chinese dishes like; soup, grilled chicken, fried rice, vegetable, fried chicken etc. Also, she can follow any recipe tool. Zar Phyu Win is ready for interview and can join employer immediately.

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    Education level: High School Level

    9.4.2018 7.7.2019 Singapore Chinese Family of 3members ahma and ahkong and three year old baby, take care ahkong, ahma and three year old baby, homework share other
    Myanmar maid. Ahkong passaway so she go back Myanmar.