Professional Domestic Helper In Singapore

Most Singaporeans are either busy with a 9-to-5 job or they run their own businesses to earn a living. This leaves them with very little time to care for their families, moreover their household chores. Hence, a professional domestic helper in Singapore comes into the picture, and they’ll be able to help you out in managing your family and daily chores.


  1. We provide quality domestic helper in Singapore from various countries below:
  2. Direct Hiring of client own domestic helper in Singapore
  3. Re- Entry of Old domestic helper application
  4. We help you to apply for:
    • – New Maid
    • – Transfer Maid
    • – Formal Worker
  5. We do help to apply quota for general worker for company/ sole proprietor/ factory/ restaurant from varies countries.
  6. Personally or Through Agent On-Camera Life Video Screening and Interviewing, whichever Possible or Practical.
  7. Renewal work permit
  8. Renewal of passport
  9. Arrange medical check-up
  10. Arrange Air ticket and transport
  1. Check out memo for freight domestic worker (FDW)
  2. General Orientation for Employment as a Maid in Singapore
  3. In-House Selection of House Maids at Our Office
  4. Maid’s salary remittance
  5. Maid’s insurance for personal accident, medical and runaway
  6. Embassy processing OEC ( If the maid wants to go back to Philippine for holiday)
  7. Embassy processing POEA – contract will be expired after 2 years
  8. In-house training for the maid
  9. 24 months counseling services