Cambodian Maid Agency Singapore

Cambodian maids are less common in Singapore, but we hire them as well because there is a need for these employees here. We are a Cambodian maid agency in Singapore that hires fresh and experienced Cambodian maids in order to suit our clients’ needs. Some of them prefer those that are new, so that they can be trained easily in their employer’s field of work. At the same time, the Cambodian maids will be able to learn a lot of new skills that might be useful to them.

Cambodian maids aren’t only hardworking, but are fast learners as well. They are committed to their work, and are willing to work without taking off-days. Communication barriers may occur for the new employees who just came from Cambodia, but they will soon learn the basics in your preferred language, and you should be able to communicate with them easily. Our Cambodian maid agency also provides Cambodian employees who have had experience in Malaysia. They can speak in certain languages such as Malay and Mandarin, which can facilitate conversations with locals. Employers who have their own shops in Singapore sometimes prefer this as the Cambodian maids can deal with shop customers if they have any enquiries or need assistance.

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