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From: Indonesia
Type: Ex-Singapore
Salary: $620
Day off: 04
Religion: MUSLIM
Marital Status: MARRIED
Status: Available
Date of Birth: 17/08/1985
Place of Birth: Subang
Height & Weight: 150 cm 53 kg
Number of Siblings: 2
Number of Children: 2(15&9Y/O)

ESTIAWATI KARMEN had worked in Singapore from Jun’18 to Jul’21. Her job then was take care elderly, doing all the housework & coking. She can perform housework, like cleaning, sweeping, mopping, ironing, washing clothes and etc… She can cook Chinese dishes and willing to learn more dishes.

Required this maid:

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    Education level : SMP

    JUL 2018 MAR 2019 SINGAPORE CHINESE Take Care 92YO Elderly, Housekeeping & Cooking.
    MAR2019 JUL2021 SINGAPORE CHINESE Take Care 95YO Elderly, Housekeeping & Cooking.

    Worker Details
    WP No. : 0 09411550
    Name of Worker : ESTIAWATI KARMEN
    DOB of Worker : 17/08/1985
    Sex : FEMALE
    Worker’s FIN : G8673234W
    Passport No. : AU323828
    Nationality/Citizenship : INDONESIAN

    Employment History
    Results Found : 2

    Period of Employment
    Start Date End Date
    Employer 2 08/03/2019 General Household
    Employer 1 29/06/2018 08/03/2019 General Household